Diploma in Nutrition (for Physicians)

The Diploma in Nutrition (for physicians) is one year program that focuses on the therapeutic application of nutrition in medical settings as part of a comprehensive healthcare program. Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Human Metabolism, Nutrition Assessment and Screening, Therapeutic Roles of Nutrients, Hospital Dietetics, and Meal Management and Planning are some topics that are covered in this curriculum. These courses provide further knowledge in areas such as gastroenterology, nephrology, pulmonology, neurology, gynecology, pediatrics, rheumatology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, intensive care, and sports nutrition.
Medical nutrition therapy and dietary counselling education prepares students to work as competitive Clinical Nutrition Consultants in Nutrition Clinics and other relevant settings. This will help students succeed in their careers by expanding job options in these disciplines. The diploma provides the students with practical training for practical application of the nutritional science. It enhances the knowledge of the physicians to put a positive impact on the general health and dietary habits of the patients.

Core Courses

  • An Introduction to Human Nutrition
  • Applied Human Nutrition
  • Basics of Food Sciences
  • Hospital Dietetics
  • Health Promotions
  • Medical Science
  • Food Science
  • Sociology of Food and Nutrition
  • Institutional Management

Eligibility Criteria

  • Physicians with MBBS and BDS degree primarily
  • Pass admission test (as per university policy)


The scope of diploma in nutrition is quite high for the physicians. An emphasis on the food pattern of the patients has been increased. And this diploma enhances the knowledge of the physicians about the fundamentals of nutrition, as well as the elements that impact a balanced diet and the link between diet and prevalent illnesses (i.e., physical and mental). The main focus will be on applying what physicians learned to create diet charts that will help to enhance the patient’s health and well-being. The diploma holder will be given preference to work as Clinical Nutritionist Specialists in many departments of hospitals, including gastroenterology, nephrology, pulmonology, neurology, gynecology, pediatrics, rheumatology, Oncology, cardiology, and ICUs.

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