Diploma in Livestock Management

It is a 1-2 years diploma that equips the diploma holder with skills in the management of livestock. It also provides adequate knowledge about the breeding and wellness of livestock. The diploma holder has professional training and education in animal husbandry and farm management. The management of all livestock alongside the management of their living places/ farms is the main objective of this diploma. The diploma comprises coursework and on-spot training that imparts knowledge and skills to the students. The prerequisite for admission in this course is FSc-premedical/ equivalent education with at least 2nd division. Some universities offer this diploma with a different title however the outcome of the diploma may be the same. The duration of the diploma may vary according to the policy of the university.

Core Courses

  • Animal Fodder Science
  • Management and maintenance of Animal Sheds
  • Animal Welfare and Ethics
  • Recent Advances in Livestock Management
  • Management of Draught Animals
  • Behavior and Welfare of Farm Animals
  • Commercial Livestock Production
  • Dairy Production

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate (FSc Pre-Medical)or equivalent with 2nd division.
  • Passing marks in the entrance exam.


A diploma in livestock management is a professional diploma that equips the diploma holder with basic knowledge of management and maintenance of the livestock farms. Pakistan is an agricultural country and livestock is the core of our agricultural system. Most of our rural population has livestock for their personal and business usage. The livestock requires proper management for business purposes. The diploma holders in livestock have a bright scope in this field. The number of dairy and livestock farms is increasing day by day and all require a professional to manage these livestock farms to sustain the business competition. Besides getting employed at livestock farms, the diploma holder can start his farm because he/she has adequate knowledge and skills to start, manage, and maintain the farm successfully. There is good scope for the diploma holders to work in government agricultural departments and farms as skilled professionals. The diploma holders can also work in universities as farms technical teaching staff to the students. 

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