Diploma in Gender & Women Studies

Diploma in Gender and Women Studies is a multidisciplinary field of study. The program serves as a catalyst for highlighting the importance of gender in all aspects of life in the development of the country. Its goal is to integrate gender into traditionally male-dominated academic subjects. Gender and Women Studies aims to broaden the definition and understanding of existing gender dynamics in society between men and women. It promotes critical thinking about how gender, class, ethnicity, religion, and race interact in society. It also provides a comprehensive approach to information by infusing it with a new perspective in order to construct a better future for everyone.
The courses in diploma are structured in this way to encourage more investigation and analysis of gender and women's status in Pakistani society. This diploma is intended to challenge stereotypes, widen understanding, and stimulate thinking on the broader ethical implications of feminist research, including power relations. The modules will enable the students to examine significant topics and concerns in women's studies, as well as introduce to a variety of qualitative approaches that can be used in research

Core Courses

  • Psychology of Gender
  • Feminist Debate in Gender inequalities
  • Feminism in Islam
  • Lifespan Development of Women
  • Sociology of Gender Issues
  • Research Methods in Gender Studies
  • Statistical Methods in Gender Studies
  • Role of Pakistani Women in Adab

Eligibility Criteria

  • 14 years of education with 45% marks


The Diploma in Gender and Women Studies will be useful in a variety of fields, particularly for in-service personnel such as journalists, educators, community organizers, administrators, and human resource development program. The scope of a gender studies degree in Pakistan was not as comprehensive as it is now. The government of Pakistan has recently taken steps to promote gender equality. One can easily serve or work in a multitude of fields and leadership positions. Teachers, theatre professionals, public relations directors, social workers, public health educators, psychotherapists, coordinators of women’s health clinic communications consultants, and journalists are among those who can work with this diploma.

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