Diploma in Criminology

A one-year diploma program in criminology enhances student understanding in the core areas of criminology. Students can enroll in courses focusing on juvenile justice, law enforcement, crime scenes, correctional studies, or general criminal justice. The program's main goal is to give students practical experience in specialized disciplines of criminology such as counter-terrorism, forensic criminology, policing, security, criminal investigation, organized crime, money laundering, fraud, and drug misuse issues.
The diploma aims to enhance the professional skills of the persons that are already working in the departments related to the crimes and investigation. Besides, it is suitable for those students who have degree in other disciplines and want to study or work further in the fields of criminology. The aspirants get adequate knowledge along with training about the skills and science of criminology.

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Crime & Criminality
  • National & International Perspective on Crime
  • Criminal Justice System of Pakistan
  • Geographical Information System
  • Research Methods in Criminology
  • Organizational Behaviors
  • Social Statistics in Criminology
  • Crime & Criminology in Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria

  • 14 years of education with at least 45% marks
  • preference may be given to professionals working in the departments related to criminology


The diploma in criminology has a good cope in Pakistan because there has been witnessed a lack of knowledge about recent trends and skills related to criminology. Therefore, many professional already working in this opt this diploma and stand out among many. The diploma has shown a good scope in employment in government and private sector working in criminology. Financial examiners, Forensic Science Technicians, Community Probation and Control Officers, Loss Prevention Specialists, Security managers, Customs officers, and Police officers are among the prominent careers available with a criminology diploma.

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