Diploma in Arabic

It is a 9-12 months diploma that provides the core understanding of the Arabic Language. The objective of the diploma is to make students acquire basic skills in reading, writing, and understanding Arabic. It also provides adequate fluency in the pronunciation and vocalization of the Arabic language. During this diploma, the students will get a good grip of Arabic grammar concepts. Thus, students will have good writing skills and translating skills. The prerequisite for admission in this diploma is minimum matric or equivalent. Some universities may have some seat limitations. Some universities offer this diploma in evening sessions only, therefore it is advisable to check the time offered.

Core Courses

  • Arabic Tajweed
  • Translation skills
  • Arabic Reading
  • Arabic Writing
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Basics of Arabic Language

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate, Matriculation or Equivalents.
  • Passing marks in entry test depending on University.


A diploma in Arabic aims to provide basic knowledge about reading, writing, and speaking skills in the language. Arabic is the language of more than thirty countries and is considered the 6th language among the major languages of the world. In the Islamic world, Arabic has more importance because it is the language of the Quran and books of Hadith. Therefore, many students join this diploma to understand the Arabic language better in a shorter period. The diploma holders have a good scope in the teaching profession because the basic Arabic language is now taught as a compulsory subject at the primary level of education. Therefore, diploma holders with minimum education can have good employment opportunities in schools. Nowadays, a new trend of online teaching of Quran Tajweed has been witnessed and diploma holders can start teaching online. The diploma holder can join the advanced diploma of Arabic interpreter and can also join further higher degrees in Arabic. Thus, it will take the diploma holder towards more expertise.


Universities Offering Diploma in Arabic in Pakistan

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