Diploma in English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching Diploma is a one-year post-graduate program that aims at providing a baseline of English language for those students who want to polish their expertise in teaching the English language. It is for those students who wish to pursue teaching English language teaching as a career. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity for those who want to change their profession and switch to the English language teaching field. The diploma emphasizes imparting basic concepts, theories as well as practical skills to students. It induces skills and teaches methods and techniques to train or use English as a second language.

Core Courses

  • Teaching and Learning of English through Construction
  • Teaching English at primary and Secondary Level
  • A study in English Grammar
  • Instructional Methodologies of English language
  • Structure of English Language
  • Introduction to the Study of English Language

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate or bachelor’s with passing marks.
  • Passing marks in entrance exams.


As we all know that English is not our first language, but it is a mandatory language for excellence in almost all careers in Pakistan and across the globe, where English is not the first language. In simple words, we can say that it is the need of time to learn the English language. On completion of the diploma, diploma holders can teach English in both the public and private sectors. Almost every educational institute in Pakistan, whether it is school, college, or university, English language is taught on a priority basis. Also, English Language teachers are in high demand in English language training centers. Moreover, English language instructors enjoy handsome salary packages. The program induces practical learning of tools and methodologies in the students to play a significant role in the educational and training institutes. Apart from teaching in the private and public sectors, students can open their own institute for teaching the English language. This short diploma also greatly helps the students who want to go abroad for higher studies or employment after clearing IELTS.

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