BS Theatre, Film and TV Studies

In this degree, you'll learn how to make and analyze films, as well as how to think about visual digital media. Acquire a thorough grasp of what it takes to make a movie or a TV show through hands-on film and video-making, as well as critical analysis and research abilities. This degree program covers all aspects of filmmaking and film analysis, as well as visual digital media theory. Through hands-on film and video production, also critical analysis and research, students will gain a full understanding of what it takes to produce a film or television show.

Core Courses

  • Film and Television Studies Video Essay
  • Film and Television Studies Dissertation
  • World Cinemas
  • Understanding the Film and Television Industries
  • Screenwriting and Narrative Theory
  • Short Fictions
  • Film and TV Genres
  • Technology Industry and Form
  • Storytelling
  • Representation and Identity

Eligibility Criteria

  • FA/FSc with at least 2nd division.
  • Pass admission test (as per university criteria).


Studying BS Theatre, Film & TV Studies will provide you with significant abilities that will prepare you for graduate-level jobs in a variety of fields. Additionally, you will learn to critically interact with the social, historical, and cultural contexts around theatre, in addition to developing your performance skills. Because of your studio-based work, you will develop into a highly effective communicator who is capable of adjusting to both individual and group work situations.

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