BS Telecom System

Telecommunications studies are not only fascinating, but they also lead to an interesting and fulfilling profession. Bachelors in Telecom System is HEC recognized 4 years degree program. Qualified telecommunications engineers, for example, have pushed innovations in areas like the internet and mobile phones in recent years. The Telecommunications program has been designed to provide students with the skills and abilities which are required by telecommunication companies. Telecommunications has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, and this expansion is expected to continue for decades. Computer networks, radio links, and optical fiber systems are all in the process of being built and are currently serving as the foundation for worldwide communications.

Core Courses

  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Business Communication
  • Communication System
  • Broad Band & Mobile Communication
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Basic Electronics
  • Antennas & Microwave
  • Analytical Geometry & Calculus
  • Advanced Engineering System
  • Advanced Electronics

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should have Intermediate (Pre-Engineering)/ Intermediate (CS)/ Intermediate (Pre Medical). For Pre Medical applicants, students should be taught deficiency courses of Mathematics of 6 credit hours within one year of their regular studies (the deficiency courses should cover most of the relevant topics to bachelor degree in computing education from intermediate level mathematics) with at least 50% marks.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


Highly qualified engineers have a variety of job options in the telecommunications business, including private and public sector organizations, as well as the military forces. Because telecommunications is such a worldwide industry, there are also job chances in other European nations and abroad. Because this curriculum is quite similar to the degree in Electronic Engineering, graduates will have a lot of freedom and will be able to apply for jobs in both electronic and telecommunication industries. For people with good qualifications in the field, there are several job options. Telecommunications graduates can find work in a variety of fields, including

  • Cellular and Mobile Telephony
  • Satellite Systems
  • Computer Networking
  • Internet Engineering

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