BS Public Health

BS Public Health degree is a four-year degree program with eight semesters and a six-week internship. This program mixes multiple academic disciplines for a multidisciplinary approach to the health care industry, giving students an exclusive opening to learn health through the social factors of health framework. This degree program aims at providing students with a rich education that equips them with the knowledge and skills to research difficult public health issues and bridge the gap between academic research and practical public health solutions, Thus, allowing them to make a difference by implementing evidence-based programs and policies.
Pakistan continues to be plagued by a wide range of ailments, owing primarily to resource restrictions and a low literacy rate. Progress on national and international health goals has been slower than in regional countries. The more people who study Public Health, the more diseases can be prevented and communities can be involved in health promotion, saving money and increasing general health. This, in turn, could aid in the development and improvement of public health in general.

Core Courses

  • Health Planning
  • Health Professional Education
  • Health Policy & Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Basic Epidomology
  • Population Dynamics
  • Primary Healthcare
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Life Sciences Biology
  • Concepts of Health and Disease

Eligibility Criteria

  • 12 years of education with at least 60% marks
  • Passing Entrance Test with the required marks


In Pakistan, the scope of public health is expanding. In Pakistan, the breadth of public health care is expanding, resulting in greater work opportunities. More hospitals are being built in rural locations. Diseases are on the rise and Pakistan is in desperate need of research. Furthermore, the market demands that public health graduates to improve the health-care environment. The public’s health is important and the degree in public health has high scope. There are a range of places where public health graduates can work. Epidemiologist, Health Planner, Health Economist, Health Promotional Programs Coordinator, Public Health Project Manager, Healthcare Administrator, Public Health Educator, Management Policy Advisor, Industrial Hygienist, NGO Program Officer, Mental Health Researcher, Public Health Consultant, and Emergency Preparedness Specialist are just a few of the jobs available to the degree holders.

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