BS Political Science

Bachelor's in Political Science is HEC recognized 4 years program that allows the students to deepen their knowledge in fields for example the foreign policy or global politics. Some programs also allow the students to get an experience through internships or require a senior thesis or final project to build research and writing skills.
Political science is basically the study of politics and the state. Bachelor Political Scientists are in increased demand due to social media increased awareness regarding government and due processes. Political science graduates with an understanding of human behaviour can have great career advancement and growth potential.
With a Bachelor of Science in political science from a renowned institute in Pakistan, a graduate will develop a comprehensive understanding of Pakistan’s government and global politics. By analyzing political structures, theory, and problems, he/she will learn to interpret complex political problems in both the public and private sectors and propose potential solutions. The students also have an excellent opportunity to enhance professionalism and fine-tune their communication and organizational skills.

Core Courses

  • Western Political Thought
  • Muslim Political Thought
  • Political Systems
  • Comparative Politics
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • Introduction to Public Policy
  • Constitutional Development in Pakistan
  • Political History of Pakistan: 1947 to present
  • Introduction to Law
  • Political Ideologies: Structures and Functions

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate ( FSc /pre- engineering, ICS. /equivalent).
  • 50% marks in previous degree.
  • Passing marks in Entry test.


As politics routinely heavily affects our everyday lives, keeping in mind all these things political science professionals are very much needed. Graduates with political science degrees can pursue various career paths. Graduates qualify for entry-level positions in politics and the government can work as legislative assistants, researchers, and analysts. They can also work in the corporate sector as a market research analyst, enter the legal field as a legal assistant or paralegal, or can also pursue a teaching license to become an educator. Political science majors can also apply for graduate school to become a political scientist.

Graduates of respective degree can work as manager of  Diplomatic Career, Legislative Assistant, Policy Analyst, Public Relations Specialist, Political Consultant, and Political Campaign Staff.

This program is designed in such a way that helps the students to prepare for the graduate studies and careers in areas such as policy development for think tanks, research at intelligence agencies, and political campaign management, as well as other work with local and state governments or non-profit organizations.

Universities Offering BS Political Science in Pakistan

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