BS Physical Education and Sport

The four-year bachelor program of Physical Education and Sports concentrates on the science of physical fitness and sports and related recent advancements. It also inculcates skills rudimentary for physical fitness in the students. Moreover, the priority in the program is to develop professional attitude, resilience, and leadership qualities so that they can easily get into the practical field for employment. Hence, it is a more professional degree program that enables undergraduate students to get a job after completing their BS degree program in Physical Education and Sport. Internships and accredited certificates are made the compulsory part of the degree to get better career opportunities.

Core Courses

  • Basics of Human Physiology
  • Science of Sports Training
  • Physical Education for Special Populations
  • Specialization in One Group of Track & Field (Practical)
  • Research Methodology in Physical Education
  • Test, Measurement & Evaluation in Phy: Edu: & Sports
  • Trauma & Rehabilitation
  • Planning for Scientific Sports Coaching
  • Sports Psychology
  • Rules & Techniques of Games

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate  (pre-engineering,  pre-medical, ICOM,ICS or equivalent).
  • 50% marks in previous degree.
  • Passing marks in Entry test.


 A healthy society cannot deny the significance of physical health and fitness. For physical health and wellness, sports play a vital role, especially for youth. Keeping in view the importance of physical health and sports, professionals of physical fitness and sports are hired by different sports industries, educational institutes, gyms, etc. These professionals utilize their skills and capabilities to help manage and supervise the respective institute’s healthy physical activities. 

They also play their part as a guide for the youth who are more inclined towards sports and want to pursue it as a career in their future. In addition, students who have made their minds to become professional sports players in the future can go for this degree program after completing the intermediate level. It will pave the way towards a bright future in their career as sports players. As it requires only passion, determination, and persistence, even those students with only average academic scores can make tremendous progress in their respective careers.

Universities Offering BS Physical Education and Sport in Pakistan

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