BS Pakistan Studies

Bachelors in Pakistan Studies is a four-year degree program offered by multiple universities of Pakistan. It focuses on the history, culture, religion, society, demographics, and geography of Pakistan. Pakistan enjoys a significant geostrategic position on the map of the world. As it is a prominent country in South Asia, South Asian studies are incomplete without Pakistan’s study. Hence, Pakistan Studies is offered not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. In addition, numerous research centers are developed in Pakistan dedicated to Pakistan studies. Bachelors in Pakistan Studies is an exciting subject that comprises rich history and diverse culture and is geo-strategically important in geopolitics.

Core Courses

  • Pakistan: Intellectual and Political Heritage
  • Muslim Revivalist Movements in the Indo-Pak Sub-continent
  • Economic Development in Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
  • Seminar Course: Contemporary Pakistan
  • Pakistani Languages and Literature
  • Political and Constitutional Developments in Pakistan
  • Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan
  • History of the World Civilization
  • Independence Movement and the Creation of Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate  (pre-engineering,  pre medical, ICOM, ICS or equivalent).
  • 50% marks in previous degree.
  • Passing marks in Entry test.


There is a widespread misconception about the academic degrees of Pakistan Studies that the scope of Pakistan Studies is minimal. The reality is opposite to it; the scope is very diverse. Graduates can get multiple career opportunities, especially as professors in schools, colleges, and universities, especially in the educational sector. In addition, the foreign ministry of Pakistan requires debtors for the presentation of Pakistan on international forums. Debaters should be well aware of Pakistan in all aspects. Graduates of Pakistan studies are best suitable for this presentation. Moreover, many government sectors working on national projects recruit graduates of Pakistan Studies to boost their progress by utilizing knowledge and critical analysis of the Pakistan Studies graduates. Many welfare agencies and international organizations working for Pakistan’s welfare also demand professionals of Pakistan Studies for better framework, management, and progress of their welfare projects. Hence, it is now clear that graduation in Pakistan studies does not have a limited scope.

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