BS Mechanical Technology

BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology is a four-year academic program focused on hands-on experience rather than merely on theory. This diverse discipline of technology deals with designing, developing, and automating various kinds of power systems, machines, vehicles, and related tools. This degree program prepares students with maximum hands-on practical activities and projects to join the workforce immediately after completing the degree. Similarly, Mechanical Technologists use various kinds of sensors and machinery. Also, they use computer technology that helps them create, analyze, and design their projects. This field requires students' passion and focused dedication because it is a skill-based degree that demands more and more practical experience.

Core Courses

  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Dynamics
  • Mechanical Vibration
  • Material Handling & Safety
  • Industrial Management
  • Machine Design
  • Mechanics of Material
  • Basic Electrical & Electronics
  • Technical drawing
  • Workshop Technology

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate (FSc Pre-Eng) or equivalent with passing marks.
  • Passing marks in the entrance exam.


Mechanical Engineering Technology is undoubtedly among the topmost engineering fields; hence the scope in the market is beyond limits in Pakistan and across the world. It is one of the evergreen technology fields with many career possibilities. According to an estimate, the demand for mechanical technologists will rise to more than 10% worldwide by 2027. Career opportunities for mechanical technologists are available in research, manufacturing, and production of devices. If students have enough skills and experience, they can even directly get employment as supervisors. Moreover, This engineering technology is one of the most stable and highest-paid engineering fields in Pakistan. Its rise and fall do not depend on national policies, energy status, and infrastructure, etc. Some attractive career opportunities are mentioned below:

  • Design engineer
  • Mechanical designer
  • Technical engineer
  • Mechanical engineering technician
  • Design analyst
  • Manufacturing engineer


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