BS Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a professional and comprehensive management degree that provides conceptual knowledge and in-depth exposure to functional areas in business management such as accounting and finance, marketing, management, and MIS, with a focus on supply chain management and all modules such as logistics, warehousing, and risk management. This four-year program in supply chain management involves the business aspects of various corporations' transportation, distribution, and warehousing activities. The program uses the most recent approaches in experiential learning to help students develop skills in interpersonal communication, teamwork, foreign languages, and diversity management.

Core Courses

  • Globalization and Outsourcing Strategies
  • Innovation Management in Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Lean Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
  • Food Security and Sustainability
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Shipping, Ocean Freights and Port Operations
  • Logistics and Operations Management
  • Essentials of Supply Chain Management

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Intermediate securing minimum 45% marks.
  • 50% passing marks in NAT/Admission Test are required for admission.


This course Examine the relationships between globalization and value chain outsourcing components. In order to ensure long-term viability, incorporate a supply chain model into the business plan. Determine how a supply chain works on a global scale. Examine the global business environment in terms of competitiveness and economic outlook.

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