BS Interdisciplinary Expanded Design & Art

The BS in Interdisciplinary Expanded Design & Art program is 4 years degree programme that is reinventing what it means to be a cultural and creative practitioner in today's world. This occurs in two ways: first, the notion of art and design practices is expanded laterally to consider alternative skills, strategies, and ways of knowing; and second, the program positions itself in a multidimensional network of disciplines outside of art and design with which it forms fertile and unusual complexes, for example, a student may offer a design solution based on something they learned in a science course, or they may create poetry based on something they learned in a literature course.  Humanities, social sciences, creative technologies, and scientific inquiry are some of the disciplines which Interdisciplinary Expanded Design & Art can interact. This degree programme  located on the edge of the future, aims to teach critical thinking and adaptable abilities to its students. Students can choose their level of interaction with a number of disciplines as well as their studio to theory ratio because the curriculum structure is very customizable. A student who succeeds in this major is expected to be a self-starter with a diverse set of interests.

Core Courses

  • IEDA Integrated Theory
  • IEDA Studio
  • 3D workshop
  • History of Ideas
  • Interdisciplinary Expanded Design & Art Project II
  • Interdisciplinary Expanded Design & Art Project
  • Research Methods
  • Integrated Textile, Fashion & Accessory Design Studio
  • Integrated Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design Studio
  • Integrated Studio

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates are eligible to apply for admission if you have successfully completed your FA/FSc. with 45% marks or have an A level or equivalent.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


Career path that a graduate can choose are:

Independent Creative Practitioner, Policy Makers, Social Interventionists, Art Writers, Art Historians, Entrepreneurs, Communications Specialist, Strategist, Environmental Consultancy, Conservationist, Art & Design Journalism, Academic and Educator, Researcher, Curator, PhD Candidate, Consultancy in diverse sectors, Activist and others.

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