BS Information Security

Today is the era of massive information, including sensitive data and information that needs to be protected. This data and information can be of an individual, company, governmental or private. Locks can not safeguard this information, but professionals are required. To this requirement, Bachelors's in Information Security is offered by universities that concentrate on preparing the students for the security of the information. Information security can be simply defined as protecting information from misuse, theft, destruction, etc. Professionals are trained by hands-on expertise on various processes and methodologies to safeguard information. Information to be protected can be either print, electronic, confidential, private, or any other type of sensitive information.

Core Courses

  • Systems Security Management
  • Digital Forensics
  • Data Communications & Networking
  • Network Security
  • Cyber Defense
  • Information Technology
  • Security Systems
  • Information Systems

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate (FSc Pre-Eng/ICS) or equivalent with 60% marks.
  • Passing marks in entrance exams.


Today, when the internet has revolutionized the world, a bulge of information is all around us on the internet. This information can be stolen, destructed, or misused by hackers. Hackers are increasing rapidly, especially financial websites, online business websites for the lust of money, and much other sensitive information about different countries or organizations that can be misused to tarnish their status. For this purpose, information security specialists are hired by companies, organizations, or governments to protect their sensitive information from hackers. For this service, they are highly paid. It is a bitter fact that hackers are more in number than Information Security specialists, so the scope of Information security is very high worldwide. It’s a rapidly growing field, and if you are interested in it, do go for it; there is no need to have second thoughts. It is blessed with the evergreen scope, and with time, will enjoy more boom in its scope.

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