BS Comparative Humanities

BS Comparative Humanities program offers students in Pakistan a unique and exciting opportunity to study several disciplines in the humanities both critically and comparatively. The program's core concentration includes history, literature, philosophy, and religious studies. The Comparative Humanities students move with fluidity, ease, and comfort across humanities disciplines, we aim to cultivate not only breadth and depth but an intellectual mindset tuned to the complex shared problems we face today as global citizens. Students pursuing a Comparative Humanities major will learn to think both locally and globally and to examine problems through a number of intellectual frameworks and traditions.

Core Courses

  • Ethics of Disagreement
  • Global Histories
  • Religious Studies
  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Capstone Research Seminar
  • Comparative Hermeneutics II
  • Comparative Hermeneutics I
  • Critical Inquiry and the Humanities

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 60% marks or 2nd division in F.Sc./FA/I.Com./ICS/A level or equivalent.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


The Comparative Literature major provides you with an excellent background for any career or post-graduate course of study. Students who pursue the option A major gain, in addition, strong language skills in at least one foreign language, developing the ability to read, write, and engage in critical analysis in a language. The major in Comparative Literature also prepares students for further study in a variety of fields, including library and information science, law school, and a variety of humanities and social sciences. Of course, this program prepares students for graduate study in literature, film, and culture. Comparative Literature careers lie in:

  • Teaching
  • Publishing
  • Journalist
  • University Lecturer
  • Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

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