BS Horticulture

Horticulture is a sub-discipline of agriculture. Horticulture literally translates to "garden culture." The phrase has, however, taken on a larger meaning. Horticulture encompasses the cultivation and application of plants for food, comfort, and aesthetic purposes.
Horticulture and science share a close link. Botany is the science most closely related with gardening. Botany is the science that studies plants and their processes. Horticulture science is the branch of science concerned with the cultivation of horticultural plants.
The horticultural business makes extensive use of science. Horticulture technology is the application of science to horticulture. It needs more than simply regular watering to successfully raise horticulture plants. To achieve maximum plant development, time, patience, and a thorough grasp of several scientific processes are required.

Core Courses

  • Vegetable and Flower Seed Production
  • Breeding of Horticultural Crops
  • Tropical and Sub-Tropical Fruits
  • Propagation and Nursery Management
  • Principles of Ornamental Crop Production
  • Principles of Vegetable Production
  • Principles of Fruit Production
  • Horticultural Crop Production
  • Introductory Horticulture

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Qualification

Intermediate Science (Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering) securing 50% marks i.e. 550/1100 or Intermediate (Pre-Agriculture) with CGPA 2.20

Matching Streams of Entry Test

  1. English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  2. English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics


  • Government Departments
  • Agricultural farms
  • Green houses
  • Nurseries or golf courses or in public gardens

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