BS Environmental Control poultry Shed degree

Poultry farming has risen to the forefront of the global agriculture business in recent years. Extreme weather conditions in tropical areas of the world have been shown to be deleterious to livestock production in general, and are of particular concern in chicken due to the latter's high temperature sensitivity. Poultry housing design is critical in determining the inside climatic conditions of the home for the birds' health, development, and productive performance. As a result, the planned poultry farm's chicken housing system is determined by the prevalent climatic conditions in the region where the farm is located.

Core Courses

  • Layer Production and Management
  • Poultry Health Management
  • Layer Production and Management
  • Poultry Behaviour and Welfare
  • Nutrition of Table poultry
  • Introduction to Poultry Genetics
  • Fundamentals of Poultry Nutrition
  • Poultry Hygiene and Diseases Prevention
  • Principles of Biochemistry
  • Introduction to Poultry Science

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Qualification

Intermediate Science (Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering) securing 60% marks i.e. 660/1100 or Intermediate (Pre-Agriculture) with CGPA 2.50

Matching Streams of Entry Test

  1. English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  2. English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics


Poultry sector offers excellent career prospects for aspiring entrepreneurs, farm managers and hatchery managers. Employment opportunities also exist in the areas of poultry meat processing and feed milling. Opportunities for higher education in Poultry Science are vast both internationally and locally and areas of specialization include but are certainly not limited to

Poultry Breeding and Genetics

Poultry Feed & Nutrition

Poultry Housing and Environment Control

Poultry Meat Processing

Egg Processing

Poultry Marketing and Business Management

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