Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering

It is a 4-years engineering degree program that provides the degree holders with foundation and technical knowledge about aerospace engineering. It enables them to study, develop and design aerospace systems. They provide strong technical support to the aerodynamics of the country. The course consists of 8 semesters with basic and advanced subjects about aerospace engineering in detail. The aspirants will have intensive practical training in their field during 8 semesters. The prerequisite for admission in this degree is HSSC (pre-engineering) or equivalent education (relevant subjects) with a minimum of 60% marks. It is important to remember that SSC marks are also counted in merit that should be 60% at least. The applicants must have to clear the entry test with the required marks to get their names on the merit list. It is highly recommended to check the admission criteria of the university before applying.

Core Courses

  • Incompressible Aerodynamics
  • Control System
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Aero Vehicle Design
  • Aero Vehicle Performance
  • Aerospace Structure
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Thermodynamics
  • Workshop Technology
  • Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate (FSc Pre-Engineering, ICS) with 60% marks
  • 60% score in the entrance test


BS Aerospace Engineering enables the degree holders to become fully equipped with aerospace knowledge and techniques. In this way, they become practically trained professionals in the industry of aerospace that cannot work without specific professionals in its high-tech departments. This field has many challenges that can be met by technical professionals only. BS Aerospace Engineering is the degree that awards the title of the aerospace professionals to the degree holders. It is not an easy task to attain the degree but it has a high scope in our aerospace industry. Although the number of opportunities may be lesser yet the opportunities have worth in form of exposure and salary packages also. Due to the toughest degree, there is still a smaller number of degree holders that has made the scope and demand quite high. Besides working actively as an engineer, the degree of BS Aerospace can be carried forward for postgraduate studies in the same field to acquire more expertise.

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