B.Ed. Science Education

The Bed (2.5 OR 4 years ) program in Science Education provides a direction for general education. It also ensures to train science teachers professionally. It allows Science Teachers to use effectively their knowledge and skills in a real-world classroom setting. Teachers will be empowered to change policy and curriculum provisions in the classroom. Teachers and students will be able to use cutting-edge science teaching methods and assessment models to get the most out of their teaching and learning. Teachers who complete this degree will be able to teach Science at all levels of education.
The B.Ed. degree in science education uses the most up-to-date information communication technology (ICT) to effectively present pedagogical and content knowledge. The degree holders learn to use practical skills (science process skills) when teaching science. They can create scientific teaching and learning lesson plans and assessment tools while teaching.

Core Courses

  • General Methods of Teaching
  • Foundation of Science Education
  • Assessment, Evaluation in Science Education
  • Teaching Strategies in Science Education
  • Teaching Of Physics & Math
  • Teaching Of Biology
  • Teaching of Chemistry
  • Laboratory Management, Organization, and Safety Measures
  • Research Methods in Teaching
  • Teaching Practice

Eligibility Criteria

  • 12 years of education in Science with at least 45% marks/ 2nd division


The B.Ed. degree encourages the development of highly competent and effective teachers who are ready to contribute creatively to the social, cultural, and educational growth of a globally oriented, pluralistic, and diverse society. This degree program is aimed for students who want to work as science teachers in schools. Therefore, the degree holders have quite a high scope in educational institute of private and government sector both. The degree holders can go for further higher studies while doing their professional teaching.

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