B.Ed. Education

It is a 2-years degree program with the aspirant having 14 years of education and a 4-years degree program for the aspirants having 12 years of education. In the case of a 4-years degree program, it is more likely to be called B.Ed. (Hons). This degree provides the basic knowledge about education as a subject that enables the degree holder to implement the basic principles and practice of education in the practical field of education. The degree holder receives professional training in teaching, class management, student psychology, and education planning. It provides adequate knowledge and training about the management of the educational institute. The prerequisite for admission in this program is 12 or 14 years of education (for B.Ed. Hons/ B.Ed. accordingly). However, it is recommended to check the admission criteria of the university you have applied for.

Core Courses

  • Educational Psychology
  • Test Development & Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Comparative Education
  • Introduction to Guidance & Counseling
  • Contemporary Trends and Issues in Education
  • Classroom Management
  • Child Development

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate (FSc/FA) or equivalent (14 years of education) with passing marks.
  • Passing marks in the entrance exam.


B.Ed. is a degree program that imparts basic knowledge and training to future teachers and educationists. It provides an educational and training platform for future teachers to get expertise in their related subjects. all teachers will be educated and trained to learn the teaching skills and planning related to their particular field also. Therefore, it can be declared as a teacher training degree program. In government and private schools, teachers are eagerly employed who have professional education and training. B.Ed. has a high scope and positive growth rate in both sectors. In the government sector, no teacher can be employed with this degree. In private sectors, teachers are encouraged and provided with the opportunity to do B.Ed. The degree holders can also join the management of the school because this degree provides ample training to work in the management. Besides working as a teacher or in management, the degree holder can carry on towards higher studies. The postgraduate degrees require B.Ed. degree as the compulsory prerequisite. Therefore, it can be stated that B.Ed. has quite a good scope in education and its management.

Universities Offering B.Ed. Education in Pakistan

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