ADP Urdu

It is a 2-year associate bachelor's degree program that aims to serve as a transitional degree towards a master's degree in Urdu literature and language. It provides core knowledge about the foundations of linguistics and literature evaluation. In 4 semesters, the ADP enhances the critical thinking of the students to evaluate the literature under different contexts. It covers multiple genres of literature with works of prominent writers and poets. The prerequisite for admission is HSSC or equivalent education with at least 2nd division. The O-level student may have to submit the equivalence certificate. All universities may not offer this degree; therefore, it is recommended to check the disciplines offered by the universities nearby.

Core Courses

  • Urdu Drama
  • Urdu Novel
  • Literary Terms
  • Essay Writing
  • Poetry & Prose
  • Critical Analysis of Literature
  • History of Urdu Language & Literature

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate (FSc, FA) or equivalent with 45% marks
  • 50% marks in the entry test.


The associate degree program is a 2 years program that provides maximum knowledge about Urdu literature and language in a minimum time. This provides adequate information about the evolution and development of the Urdu language. It boosts grammar skills of the language to make the degree holders ready to teach the language. There is a good scope in teaching Urdu in primary, elementary, and high schools. In government and private schools, there are several opportunities for degree holders in their faculty. Besides teaching, the degree holders can start writing and editing careers but it may remain on the junior level. The publication houses also have a good scope for the degree holders as editors, the junior editors. Many Urdu newspapers and magazines have many opportunities in their team of writers and editors. This degree can be carried forward to a Master’s degree in Urdu literature & language to complete 16 years of education for higher studies.ย 

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