ADP Political Science

The political science at associate’s level offers students to get a basic overview of the subject and learn about the formal laws and traditions of the ruling bodies. Not only this, but they will also observe how the everyday people influence each other and deal with each other. The students of political science will gain an understanding of the evolution of democracy and then they will be able to integrate the modern practices into innovative ideas of the modern era. An associate’s degree in political science generally takes around two years to complement degree colleges that offer this degree. Political science students will be able to learn the topics including political theory, global politics, and conflict resolution during the two years they are enrolled in the associate’s degree program. Upon graduation, they will be familiar with the differences between political systems in different countries of the world.

Core Courses

  • Political philosophy
  • Environmental politics
  • Introduction to government
  • Introduction to politics
  • U.S. Native American relations
  • Women in politics
  • Comparative politics

Eligibility Criteria

  • FSc  (pre- engineering or equivalent).
  • 50% marks in previous degree.
  • Passing marks in Entry test.


Political science is a very versatile discipline, and students have a variety of career paths that they can pursue after graduation. If a person is interested in public advocacy, journalism, law and public service, community organizing, and related fields, then getting started with an associate’s degree in political science can be a rewarding choice for him/her. Political science is a very versatile major it’s like an umbrella that covers all the related disciplines and students have a variety of career paths that they can pursue after graduation.  Graduates of political science degree can work as High school teacher, College professor, State legislator, Legislative attorney, Agency specialist, Legislative aide, Campaign manager, Judge, Lobbyist, District attorney, Consultant, Press secretary.

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