ADP Physics

The associate degree program in Physics is a two-year program offered on completion of FSc in a relevant field by multiple universities of Pakistan. Higher Education accredits the Associate Degree Program. Scientists define Physics as a branch of science that deals with the properties of matter, its various forms, and their interactions. In simple words, if someone is interested and has a passion for exploring the universe's nature, Physics is the best option for them. The curriculum of ADP Physics promotes the cultivation of insight and knowledge of universal laws and physics principles. It also focuses on developing critical thinking skills, profound observations, and the study of universal events to uncover natural truths. To summarize, the degree aspires to produce graduates who can generate new ideas and theories while also improving the planet Earth.

Core Courses

  • Optics
  • Electronic
  • Heat and thermodynamics
  • Waves and oscillations
  • Modern physics
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Physics (mechanics)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate  (pre-engineering or equivalent).
  • 50% marks in previous degree.
  • Passing marks in Entry test.


Physics graduates can pursue medical, education, research labs, the military, engineering, business, and a range of other fields. One thing to keep in mind is that only those who are dedicated, persistent, and passionate will succeed in this profession. Jobs at hospitals, research centers, power plants, universities, colleges, schools, and diagnostic labs are possible with an ADP degree in physics. Furthermore, they are in high demand by the computing industry and manufacturing companies. They are required to build models based on physics principles to ensure the products or services’ long-term viability, best performance, and durability. Furthermore, physicists are paid well, but this is dependent on the graduates’ level of expertise. A physicist can start their own business by cooperating with other scientists in computing, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and others to develop their own product or service. The following are some work prospects for physicists:

  • Tutoring
  • Research Assistant
  • Lab Technician/Supervisor
  • Consulting Physicist
  • Scientist
  • Accelerator Operator
  • Technical Assistant
  • Radiologist Assistant

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