ADP Physical Education

It is a 2 years degree program with 4 semesters that comprises of course work and practical training. The major goal of the BS 2-year program in Physical Education, Health, and Sports Sciences in this period of educational revolution is to prepare graduates with understanding of the topics. Physical education is a type of education that involves physical activity. Movement is the essence of life as a natural phenomenon, and the human body's entire mechanism is directed toward it. Exercise, according to experts, is just as important as diet. While food gives the body with energy, exercise tones up the human organism so that it can better utilize that energy. Physical education is more concerned with human development than other educational disciplines since a healthy body is required for a healthy mind.
Associate Degree program in physical education provides the professional knowledge and training to the aspirants in a shorter period. With this degree, the students can start working as physical trainers and coach at junior level. With this degree, the students can take their credits hours into the BS program and carry on the BS degree program also.

Core Courses

  • Foundation of Physical Education
  • Science of Physical Training & Coaching
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Medicine Nutrition
  • Health Education
  • Test & Measurement in Physical Education & Sports
  • Human Anatomy
  • Science of Track and Field
  • Science of Movement
  • Rules & Techniques of Games

Eligibility Criteria

  • 12 years of education with at least 45% marks
  • Pass physical test( as per university criteria)


Graduates with an associate degree in health and physical education will be able to contribute significantly to the generation of human resources and will be able to serve many sectors of society in general, as well as educational institutions and sports organizations. Physical fitness is more than a notion; it is also a realistic strategy to human health improvement. Physical fitness, which promotes broad proficiency in all sectors of life and is inextricably associated with higher economic growth, is unquestionably important for a nation’s survival. The degree holders have good scope of working in educational institutes, gums, sports club, and armed forces as fitness trainer. Besides working for some sector, the degree holders can start their own gym or training center.

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