COMSATS University Resumed Semester with Online Classes

COVID-19 is a contagious disease spread worldwide and it is badly affecting Pakistan as well. The government has decided to implement a complete lockdown in all regions of Pakistan. The government has ordered to suspend all the activities of all sectors including the industrial sector, business sectors, and education sector, etc. 

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has directed all the educational institutes to hold online classes in this pandemic situation in order to save the time of students. In case of some technical issues faced by the educational institute, HEC has advised them to suspend educational activities till the end of May. Further advised these universities to consider this time as summer break and commence the classes afterward. 

COMSATS University Islamabad has decided to resume the semester classes as per the advice of HEC. Before the implementation of this strategy, most of the students were found against this online mode of teaching. Primarily because of the unavailability/poor internet services in remote areas of Pakistan. Students said,

This mode of teaching will badly affect their grades and CGPA’s because this methodology is not tested and optimized.ย 

– Twitter

After listening to the complaints of the students, on social networking website, Dr. Raheel Qamar admitted that there are some issues in online teaching system and need to be optimized but completely suspending the semester is not on the table. He further added that we do not know when this situation will end and how much time we are going to lose because of the pandemic.