Cadet College Jhang

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Cadet College Jhang is an established military prep school located in Jhang Sadar, a city in the vicinity of Faisalabad, Pakistan.The cadet college offers its students a choice of streams, offering both Pakistani stream higher education as well as  O and A level qualifications.


Cadet College Jhang admission section offered quality education to the students. This is one of the renewed institutes of Jhang. Everyone a has dream to become a true person with a number of skills and abilities. So College builds all these things in student personality and mind. Enrollment in College is on a competing schedule and starts for the boys from all areas of Pakistan & in foreign countries. The college is developed to pick out and train the cadets from class 6th to F. Sc, in a style to get ready the command, which can be determined by way of ISSB for the Pakistan Army.

Eligibility for Admission:

Eligibility for Grade 6th:
  • Candidate must have exceeded Grade VI on the date of admission
  • The student must be between 10 -12 years of age
  • Students must be scientifically healthy.
Eligibility for Grade 7th:
  • Candidate must have exceeded Grade VI at the time of admission
  • The students must be between 12/13 years of age
  • Students must be medically healthy.
Eligibility for Grade 8th:
  • Candidate must have exceeded Grade  7 on the date of entrance
  • Student Must be between 13/14 years of age
  • Student Must be medically healthy.