Cadet College Jajja, Gujjar Khan

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Cadet College Jajja is indeed a renowned educational institution located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Established with the aim of providing quality education and character development to young students, Cadet College Jajja has gained recognition as a prestigious institution in the region.

The college follows a rigorous academic curriculum combined with a focus on physical fitness and discipline. It aims to prepare students for future challenges, including potential careers in the military or other professional fields. With qualified faculty members and well-equipped facilities, Cadet College Jajja offers an environment conducive to learning and personal growth.

Cadet College Jajja, Gujar Khan Rawalpindi offers admissions from Grades 6 to Grade 12. For admission, CCJ conducts an entry test exam. Students can enroll for their entry test exams. Once they clear the exam, only after that they are offered admission in the college. CCJ also conducts the medical fitness test before admitting the student to college.