Cadet College Ghazi Barotha

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The establishment of Cadet College Ghazi Barotha had a primary objective of offering high-quality and meaningful education to the youth of Pakistan, with a particular focus on the children of all ranks of the SSG (Special Services Group). The overarching aim was to nurture cadets and shape them into future leaders in both civilian and military domains.

In line with this vision, CCGB was founded in either 2014 or 2015, initially catering to the educational needs of SSG families. However, due to an overwhelming response from the public, the college’s scope expanded to encompass the wider civil society. Presently, the College boasts significant representation from all provinces of Pakistan, fostering a unique environment that encourages interaction among students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. The admission process is merit-based, allowing students from various categories across the country to participate.

Only passing the written tests does not entitle a candidate to admission to Cadet College Ghazi Barotha. The decision of the selection committee regarding the selection/rejection of a candidate is purely based on merit and will be considered final which cannot be challenged in any court of law whatever the case may be. Moreover, available seats/quota-wise distribution and prerequisites for admission in classes VII / VIII / IX / XI  are as under:-

Distribution of Seats / Quota

  • Wards of Armed Forces (Serving / Retired) – 20%
  • Wards of Shuhdas – 5%
  • Wards of Civilians – 75%

Eligibility Criteria


Age at the commencement of the academic session must be as per following:-

  • Class VIII   –   12 – 14 years
  • Class IX     –   13 – 15 years
  • Class XI     –   16 – 18 years


Candidates appearing for admission must fulfill the following:-

  • Must have passed the previous class.
  • Should be within prescribed age brackets. However, a waiver of up to 90 days maximum may be granted to promising students through the selection committee.
  • Must be medically fit.