Aitchison College, Lahore

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Aitchison College, a semi-private, independent boarding school for boys from grades 1–13 is located in Lahore, Punjab. It has a tradition of delivering education that uses academic, athletic, and co-curricular events as opportunities for character growth. The school follows a curriculum intended to culminate in the International General Certificate of Education and AS Level / A Level Certificates and is eager to prepare students for university studies. The Institute is one of only two Cambridge Examination Centers situated in a school (the other is Chand Bagh School) and is also a member of the G20 Schools of the World. Former Prime Ministers and current Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan were graduated from Aitchison College. Former President Farooq Leghari, lawyers, cricketers, and other politicians were also graduated.

The education of Aitchison College is knowledge-based, with a focus on discussing topics through the use of Harkness debate, Adjunct faculty programs, and many internal and external competitions in which the boys compete. Aitchison held several annual conventions that encourage creativity, business entrepreneurship, scientific research, debating, and public speaking. The aim is to offer various opportunities for boys to experience cooperative learning.

Aitchison College educates 2,800 boys from junior to senior level classes on a splendid 200-acre campus. Many of Aitchison boys are accepted to top Ivy League universities in the United States and Russell Group universities in the United Kingdom, as well as Pakistan’s leading universities.

Aitchison College gives admission to the boys on basis of their academic record and general suitability, which ensures that a boy given a position in the College would have successfully passed the admission test and will be interviewed both personally and in the company of parents. The Principal is solely responsible for approving all admissions.

The college offers admissions for both, day and boarding classes, but depends upon the number of enrollments in education program. Applications can only be made for one of the two enrolment groups, not for both. Boys who have been schooled in Lahore for more than 6 months are not entitled to apply for a place of boarding. Prospective parents should review the requirements for age. The College does not give a age waiver.