Swat is a densely populated city in the division of Malakand of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sky-high Hindukush mountain range surrounds it.  Apart from this, it is blessed with heavenly scenic beauty. Moreover, it is honored for having the history of one of the oldest civilizations. 

The education sector in Swat has been in progress since before the inception of Pakistan. The first-ever school was established in 1922 and followed by many other schools and colleges. Many prestigious institutes, such as The University of Swat, Saidu medical college, Cadet college swat, etc., provide a platform for higher studies in Swat.   

Facts about Universities in Swat

  • Along with its two campuses, the University of Swat imparts quality education and skills to thousands of students. 
  • It is a public sector university located at Charbagh (main campus). 
  • Since its inception in 2010, This university has been working on innovative ideas, logical thinking, and communication skills.
  • It provides degrees in more than 45 programs and facilitates students with advanced learning methods.
  • The other two campuses are the Shangla campus at Alipur and the Women campus. 

Education in Swat

  • The literacy rate in Swat is 50.27%.
  • Right after Swat became part of Pakistan, Prime Minister Z.A Bhutto led the development of the University in Swat and the board of intermediate and secondary education in 1971. 
  • Hundreds of government sector schools and colleges are imparting quality education and vocational skills to students. 
  • In addition to this, many private institutes are providing standard education, such as Cadet College Swat, The City School, Beaconhouse School system.

Facts to know about Swat

    • It enjoys a critical strategic location as it is present at the junction of China, South Asia, and Central Asia.
    • The valley is also famous for being called Switzerland of Pakistan.
  • Accessibility: Swat valley is just at a distance of 151km from Peshawar. So, the access to the city is just a few hours.
  • Tourism: As we mentioned above, Swat is blessed with natural beauty and enjoys a significant position in the world’s history. The most famous and stunning attraction sites include Buddhist Stupas, Museum, Fizza gat, and Marghzar, Malam Jabba, Madyan, Bahrain, Kalam and Ushu. 
    • The eye-catching lakes in the valley include Mahodand, Kundal, Khapiro and Spin Khawar.
    • This scenic beauty makes it the most visited place. Hence, the tourism has a major chunk in the economy of the city.
    • A few years back, tourism in the area was gravely affected by terrorism. It was not safe for tourists. But soon after that, the army of Pakistan overcame terrorism with the help of an action plan against terrorists. Tourism and all other life activities are revived here.
  • Transportation: The travel in Swat is operational throughout the 12 months. This is because public transport in the area has developed a lot in a short time. Daewoo buses are providing quality services to facilitate the passengers.
  • Culture: Diverse cultural groups which include Gujars, Awans, Pakhtuns and Yusanfzai.
  • Weather: The best tourism season is from March to October. The valley invites visitors through its spectacular mountains, rich green forests, rushing streams, and meadows.
  • Languages: The most spoken languages in the city are Pushto and Kohistani. The locals also speak Urdu and English.
  • Heritage: Swat is also known for its handmade goods and traditional handicrafts such as shawls, furniture, embroidered articles etc.

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Quick Facts

Population: 2.31 million

Literacy Rate: 50.27


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