In terms of industrial importance, Sialkot plays an important role. $2.5 annually is contributed as industrial foreign exchange. It is one of the richest cities of Pakistan and also known as a manufacturing hub due to its large quality of foreign exports. Sialkot is famous for its production of hand-made football, surgical instruments, sports goods, and leather goods. It also has a large number of shares in the agriculture sector.

Sialkot plays its role in education like other cities to educate the people and make it a city of literate people. Education is important regardless of gender. To transfer knowledge, the city has many well-developed schools, colleges, and universities. Universities have different programs for various categories of study and departments. 

Facts about Universities in Sialkot

  • Government College Women University, Sialkot is the oldest university founded in 1951.
  • University of Management and Technology (UMT) is the research university with one of its campuses in Sialkot. It is recognized by the HEC of Pakistan.
  • The University of Sialkot is another university located in Sialkot serving people to learn in various fields including law, Information Technology, Engineering, and Business Administration.

What is education like in Sialkot?

  • Universities in Sialkot like other cities help students to gain their knowledge and serve as a center of learning.
  • It helps students to explore different fields according to their interests.
  • The literacy rate of Sialkot is around 86%.

Quick Facts about Sialkot

  • Sialkot has Pakistan’s first private airport known as Sialkot International Airport.
  • It is considered the richest city due to its good export, around $2 billion goods exported in 2015.
  • Sialkot serves as the second-largest earning center in terms of foreign exchange in Pakistan. About 10% of the exchange of goods is in Sialkot.
  • The old name of Sialkot was “Sagala”.
  • The National Poet of Pakistan Allama Iqbal was born in Sialkot.
  • The clock tower is situated in the city with different clocks on it; it adds beauty to the city due to its lightning at night.
  • A very famous Jinnah Stadium is located in Sialkot where various international matches take place.

Quick Facts

Population: 655,852

Literacy Rate: 86%


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