Rawalakot, serving as the capital of district Poonch, is located in Pir Panjal Range, Azad Kashmir. The city is blessed with fabulous natural beauty and thus attracts thousands of tourists worldwide. 

The educational index of Rawalakot is quite satisfactory as numerous private and public sector schools, colleges, medical colleges, and universities are working on the mandate of education with innovation and advancements for all in Rawalakot. According to a report of the Economist in 2021, a renowned international magazine, it has one of the highest literacy and graduation rates in South Asia.

Universities in Rawalakot

  • The University of Poonch Rawalakot offers various BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs, such as agronomy, botany, chemistry, food science & technology, etc. The pleasant weather of Rawalakot provides a conducive environment for students to the university for study and research. The institute is striving for the inducement of positive culture and values in society.
  • For higher education in medical, Poonch Medical College Rawalakot is providing MBBS and BDS after intermediate level.

Some Facts about Rawalakot

  • Population: Rawalakot is a land of almost more than 56 thousand people. More than seventy percent of the total area is urban, whereas nearly thirty percent is predominantly rural.
  • Economy: People of Rawalakot earn their livelihood through agriculture, but significant reliance is on popular trees, which are cut down to cater to the most prominent sports industry of Rawalakot. In addition, many people are associated with government jobs. 
  • Foods: Most tasty food includes Barbeque and Tikka shops in Rawalakot city. Also, restaurants are now operating fast foods. Seasonal fruits and vegetables such as Cucumber, Peach, Apples, and many more varieties are available for eating.
  • Transportation: Rawalakot is about 120 kilometers from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Ghazi-e-Millat route between Rawalakot and Azad Pattan, the primary road connecting Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Rawalakot city, has significantly decreased travel time. The most frequent modes of transportation are high-speed trains, buses, and automobiles. Rawalakot Airport has been closed since 1998 and is currently unusable.
  • Weather: Due to its high altitude, Rawalakot’s weather is unpredictable. Rawalakot experiences pleasant to warm weather in the spring and fall, humid weather in the summer, and cold to snowy weather. During the mid-summer months, the temperature can reach 38 °C and drop below one °C during the winter months. Snowfall occurs in December and January, while the monsoon season, which runs from July to September, sees the maximum rainfall.

Visiting Places

Rawalakot is a piece of heaven on earth, surrounded by mountains and enriched with green valleys and heartwarming scenic beauty.

  • Banjosa: Banjosa is a lovely lake surrounded by lush green mountains that provide travelers with a breathtaking view, and nearby restaurants are available to serve the visitors. The Summer season is relatively warm, whereas the winter season is charming with occasional snowfall in the valley.
  • Toli Pir: It is located on Toli Pir road at 40km from Rawalakot city. Toli Pir is regarded as Rawalakot’s most attractive location. It is the starting point of three hilly ranges. On the highest point of Toli Pir, there are some old Mazar ruins. The weather is pleasant in summer, with heavy snowfall during winters.
  • Poonch River: This alluring water body resides on Hajira-Kotli road, 40 km away from Rawalakot city, at an elevation of 886m. Thousands of tourists across the country and international states come over here to enjoy the eye-catching beauty of the river. 
  • Tatta Pani: Well-known for its hot water springs, Tatta Pani sprouts out of the Poonch river. 45 km away from the central city, the uniqueness of the place attracts tourists worldwide to witness the hot springs.

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Quick Facts

Population: 56,590

Literacy Rate: 67.22%


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