Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar Khan, the 17th largest city by population, is a major city of Southern Punjab that is famous for its fertile soil. It is named as the gateway to Punjab due to its location. It joins Punjab with Sindh & Balochistan. It is a historical city and its dates production has been said to have traces from the times of Muhammad bin Qasim. His army used to throw and spread the date palms. That has made Rahim Yar Khan a city with delicious dates in abundance. 

Rahim Yar Khan is mainly an agricultural city and it yields many crops, due to a good network of canals generated from Panjnad Headworks.  The students have various opportunities to attain higher education in different subjects. The universities in Rahim Yar Khan are offering undergraduates and postgraduate degrees in arts, science, medical, engineering, and business management with some more disciplines.

Facts about Universities in Rahim Yar Khan

  • Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology (2014) is a public university that is imparting education in engineering and IT departments.
  • Shaikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital (2003) has been providing graduate and post-graduate degrees & training in medicine, surgery, pathology, biochemistry, physiology along with others. 
  • Islamia University of Bahawalpur, RYK campus has been imparting higher education to many students in various departments of arts and science.
  • National College of Business and Economics and College of Tourism and Hotel Management are private institutions that are offering professional degrees and PGD in different fields.
  • There are some Government Degree colleges in Rahim Yar Khan that are offering graduate degrees in different disciplines.
  • All public and private universities are offering equal opportunities to both genders.
  • Public universities are also offering hostel facilities for the students of remote areas.

What is Education Like in Rahim Yar Khan

  • The literacy rate in Rahim Yar Khan is 33.1% in urban and rural areas.
  • The public universities and government technical institutes have financial funding from the provincial government of Punjab. Therefore, their fee structure is in the affordable range.
  • The public universities have good scholarship programs for supporting outstanding students to continue their higher studies.
  • Technical training institutes are providing various opportunities for the students to get professional training in different professions.
  • Many private and public schools are educating children from primary to elementary level. 
  • Most universities have co-education; however, schools have separate classes for both genders.
  • The living expenses in Rahim Yar Khan are quite reasonable and affordable for students.

Quick Facts about Rahim Yar Khan

  • Rahim Yar Khan got its name after the name of son of Nawab of Bahawalpur who got killed in a fire depot accident in 1881.
  • It has a desert of the Cholistan in its southern parts which had a history of a lush green area almost a thousand years back.
  • It is filled with a variety of wildlife that includes wild cats, foxes, deer, camel, peacocks, snakes, eagles, and many birds.  
  • The Abu Dhabi Palace is very famous in Rahim Yar Khan. Many Abu Dhabi Sheikhs used to come here for hunting in hunting season. 
  • Rahim Yar Khan has many historical monuments. Some famous names are Azamgarh fort, Mau Mubarak fort, The tomb of Bibi Karam Khatun along with others.

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Quick Facts

Population: 477,100

Literacy Rate: 33.1%


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