From all the cities of Balochistan, Quetta is the capital and largest city with an area of about 178 square kilometers. There is a word ‘Kwatkot’ in Pashto language that is also the root word of Quetta, which means fortress. Shalkot is the old name of Quetta. Quetta as a city is the 10th largest in Pakistan and lies about 1680 meters above sea level. Quetta serves as the trade center between Pakistan and Afghanistan because it is geographically located near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. 

Quetta is a primary education center for the Balochistan province as most of the province’s top universities are in this city. Both public and private sector universities are present in Quetta.  Also,   the universities of Quetta cover all major fields of education such as humanities,   engineering,   medicine,   languages, etc. 

Facts about Universities in Quetta

  • The University of Balochistan is the oldest highest educational institution in Balochistan,   having been established in 1970. The University of Balochistan is a highly recognized institution in Pakistan. 
  • On March 18,   2004,   a women’s university Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University was inaugurated which is growing with each passing day.  Currently, it has more than 35 departments.  It is key for the attainment of education goals vis-à-vis female literacy in Balochistan. 
  • Al- Hamd Islamic University,   Quetta is a private sector university that was established in the year 1995 after it was conceived by Alhamd Educational System (AES).  The University awards degrees in the faculties of Islam,   Science,   Technology,   Education,   Law,   Arts, and Engineering. 
  • After 2017,   the city also has its own state-of-the-art medical university in the face of Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences (BUMHS). 
  • Most of Quetta’s top universities are publicly owned and administered. 
  • Living costs for a student in Quetta are relatively low.  An estimated monthly stipend of PKR 30, 000 – 40, 000 would cover accommodation,   food,   transportation,   communication,   and other living expenses. 
  • Similarly,   school fees are also low compared to other study destinations. 

What is education like in Quetta?

  • The literacy rate of the city of Quetta is 62%. 
  • The provincial government of Balochistan is responsible for all educational institutions in Quetta. 
  • The Governor of the province of Balochistan acts as a chancellor by their designation.  They accord approval for the appointment of the vice-chancellor. 
  • Most universities in Quetta are gender based regardless of educational programs
  • Formal education in Quetta is classified into five levels: primary school,   middle school,   high school,   intermediate school,   and university.  

Quick Facts about Quetta

  • According to the 2017 census,   Quetta has approximately 1 million residents.  
  • The population density in Quetta is far less as compared to other major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore and Karachi.  Quetta has 860 residents per square kilometre which is way less as compared to Lahore’s population density of 6300 residents per square kilometre. 
  • The city is known as the Fruit Garden of Pakistan due to the diversity of its plant and animal wildlife
  • The city lies near the road to Kandahar and serves as the center for trade and communication between Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • The famous Bolan Pass also lies close to it so it also served as a connector between Central Asia and South Asia. 
  • Quetta has a beautiful landscape
  • Quetta has a semi-arid climate.  In summers,   the city’s average temperatures range between 24-26 °C. 
  • Quetta has a unique variety of food and cuisines such as ‘Saji’ and ‘Roosh’.  Dishes in Quetta heavily use mutton and beef

Below is a comprehensive list of all major universities in Quetta.  

  • University of Balochistan
  • The Balochistan University of Information Technology,   Engineering, and Management Sciences
  • Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University
  • AlHamd Islamic University
  • Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences
  • Balochistan Agriculture University

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Quick Facts

Population: 1.001 Million

Literacy Rate: 62%


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