Nawabshah, recently renamed to Shaheed Benazirabad, the 27th largest city of Pakistan, is located in the middle of Sindh. It is a major city and its new name is Benazirabad. Therefore, it has an important place in provincial politics. Nawabshah has a rich historical heritage with some famous historical monuments. Foreigner tourists also visit this city, especially those who have an interest in historical buildings. It has quite extremely harsh hot weather though. In summers, the mercury remains near or above 50 degrees Celsius.

Nawabshah, a prominent city, is famous for growing industries and fertile land. People, from nearby rural and small towns, come here for business and education purposes. It has some good and old universities that are rendering education in arts, science, technology, and business. Being a city in interior Sindh, the universities in Nawabshah have a high pedestal in the eyes of people. Because these universities are offering higher education within the travel range of locals. 

Facts about Universities in Nawabshah

  • Nawabshah has a good network of public universities that offer graduate and postgraduate degrees in different disciplines.
  • Quaid-e-Azam University of Engineering, Science, and Technology (1963) is an old name that is offering BS, MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. degree programs.
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University in Veterinary and Animal Sciences has been providing professional education in its field.
  • Peoples University of Medical and Health Sciences for Women is doing great efforts for female medical students.
  • All the universities have equal opportunities for the students of the town and the students of a nearby town or rural areas.
  • Almost all public universities are offering the facility of a hostel for the students.

How is Education like in Nawabshah/Shaheed Benazirabad

  • The literacy rate is 34.13% including urban and rural areas.
  • All public universities have a financial structure related to the Sindh Government and this provides ease for students in the fee structure.
  • All the universities have national and international scholarship programs for the students.
  • The school education system of Nawabshah comprises the private and public sectors.
  • The education system from primary to elementary has the Sindhi Language as a compulsory subject in both government and private sectors.
  • Nawabshah is having a positive indicator of a high number of admissions in primary education.

Quick Fact about Nawabshah

  • Nawabshah is a growing industrial city and manufactures small boats, sugar, soap, silk textiles, and cotton textiles.
  • With historical monuments, it has a great attraction for archeologists. The mausoleum of Thul mir Rukn has ancient historical links to Buddha.  
  • It has fertile land and produces cotton, sugarcane, rice, wheat, millet, and oilseeds.
  • Tasty bananas and dates are its famous fruits.
  • The people of Nawabshah are having good trends in livestock and have healthy sheep and cows.
  • Travelers can enjoy traditional Sindhi food in Nawabshah easily.

Jaamiah, an educational advisor platform, has been striving hard to gather information about the universities of Nawabshah.  All the collected data is placed compactly to assist students who are in search of universities in Nawabshah for higher studies. Being an interior city, some may consider it not having university-level education. However, it is not a fact. Jaamiah has searched about all the universities in Nawabshah and the degrees offered in those universities. All the effort is done for the convenience of the students so that they may utilize their time properly.

Quick Facts

Population: 279,688

Literacy Rate: 46.86%


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