Multan, with a GDP of $21 billion (2018), is among the historic cities of Punjab. It is situated in Southern Punjab and is considered the biggest city of Southern Punjab. It has enriched history in knowledge and art. Being an ancient history, Multan is considered the hub of civilization, business, and education. It has been called “The City of Gold” by Muhammad bin Qasim, the famous Muslim warrior.

Nowadays, Multan is the center of professional and higher education in southern Punjab. It has many famous universities that are delivering professional education in domains of medical, engineering, education, nursing, accounting, business, and many more. It can be said that Multan is having many opportunities for the students to study different subjects.  

Facts about Universities in Multan

  • Bahauddin Zakariya University, established in 1975, is one of the biggest universities in Pakistan. It has been delivering education in many subjects and offering M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees also.
  • It has campuses of the University of Education (Lahore), Air University, NUML, National College of Business Administration and Economics (Lahore), and Virtual University. 
  • Nishtar Medical University is one of the oldest medical colleges. It was established in 1951 and has been delivering professional education. It has a dental department also for the students of BDS.
  • Most are public universities and offer different degrees in an affordable range.
  • Public universities are offering hostel facilities for the students of far-off areas.
  • The universities in Multan are offering degrees in diverse fields like humanities, science, education, business, engineering, medical, dental.
  • The cost of daily living and food in Multan is comparatively affordable than in metropolitan cities. Therefore, students can afford their higher studies and living both.

What is education like in Multan

  • The literacy rate in Multan is 54%.
  • The provincial government has been providing financial funding to all the public universities including medical universities.
  • Most of the universities have a solid financial infrastructure, which is why they have scholarship programs for students in different capacities.
  • The education system below the university level is well integrated with government and private institutions.
  • Most of the education system is following gender-based and co-education. However, the schools are mostly following separate schooling for both genders.
  • The education system ladder is the same as the whole country: primary schools, middle schools, high schools, higher secondary school & college, and university.  

Quick Facts about Multan

  • In 2020, the population of Multan was 2,015,000 showing an increase of 2.18% from 2019.  
  • Multan is the oldest of Pakistan after Peshawar, with a rich history in arts and civilization.
  • Multan has international fame due to its rich and tasty mangoes, the king of fruits.
  • Blue pottery and mosaic art (Kashi Kari) are the ancient arts that are being preserved by the artisans of Multan.

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Quick Facts

Population: 1,871,843

Literacy Rate: 54%


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