Lahore, a historic city for centuries, has a prominent place in the history of Pakistan as well. It is the 2nd highest populated city in Pakistan and the capital of the province of Punjab. Lahore has enriched heritage with historical buildings, gardens, gates, and masjids. With a treasure of historical places, Lahore is termed as the hub of higher education with plenty of prestigious universities.

The students who have access to Lahore always prefer to continue their higher education and professional studies in Lahore. It has many opportunities for the students to avail themselves. The universities of Lahore are considered the hub of excellence in higher education. These universities have been bringing up the finest professionals and learned persons to strengthen society. 

Facts about Universities in Lahore

  • Lahore has the treasure of the finest public and private universities with numerous departments, offering various disciplines.
  • University of Punjab (1882), Government College University (1864), National College of Arts (1875), Kinnaird College for Women University (1913), and Lahore College for Women University (1922) are the oldest universities in Lahore.
  • King Edward Medical University (1860), Fatimah Jinnah Medical University (1948), Allama Iqbal Medical College (1975), and University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (1882) are the finest universities in the medical field.
  • University of Engineering and Technology, University of Management& Technology, and the University of Education are offering higher education degrees in diverse fields.
  • Private universities are doing equally good work and creating more opportunities for the students.
  • The undergraduate and elementary education in Lahore has been considered an excellent education.
  • All the public universities have hostel facilities for the students of far-off areas.

What is Education like in Lahore

  • The literacy rate of Lahore is 64% in urban and rural areas.
  • All the old universities of Lahore have a strong financial infrastructure and other new public universities have funding from the Provincial government.  
  • There are many scholarship programs for the students in the universities that make many students earn higher education or professional degrees conveniently.
  • There are some technical institutes in Lahore that offer technical diplomas and certificates.
  • The schooling system of Lahore is quite strong from primary to elementary education.
  • Students can also find a part-time job to earn and bear their expenses.

Quick Facts about Lahore

  • Lahore is known as the city of gardens; some are reminiscent of Mughal kings.
  • Lahore has many old markets that are surrounded by many gates and are the hub of shopping.
  • The food streets and delicious meat dishes of Lahore are quite famous. The most liked are paaye, nihari, and karahi.
  • The people of Lahore are famous for their lively and cheerful nature. A famous quote runs throughout the country, “if you haven’t seen Lahore, you are not born yet.”

Quick Facts

Population: 11.13 Million

Literacy Rate: 65%


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