Hyderabad is the 2nd largest city in Sindh and the 8th largest city in Pakistan. It is considered a cultural hub of Sindh and has a strong historical heritage as well. It is also a transit between urban and rural areas of Sindh. The tradition and heritage of Sindh can be witnessed in Hyderabad. People of Hyderabad are famous for having a strong taste palette. They can appreciate the essence of the flavors. Hyderabad is also a busy commercial hub for trade and business.

The city of tradition, heritage, and small industry is also considered as the major city to seek higher education after Karachi in Sindh. Many students from nearby rural areas come to Hyderabad to attain degrees. It has a good network of public and private universities that are providing various degrees in various subjects. The living cost in Hyderabad is affordable, therefore many off-station students can afford the expenses of education and live easily.

Facts about Universities in Hyderabad

  • Public and private universities are working in Hyderabad with various departments and disciplines.
  • The Government College University (1917) is the oldest university in Hyderabad that acquired the status of university officially on its 100th anniversary.
  • Isra University, Hyderabad Institute of Arts, Science & Technology, University of East, and SZABIST-Hyderabad campus are some names delivering degrees in the private sector.
  • NUML- Hyderabad Campus is also facilitating the students in higher education.
  • All universities are offering degree programs for both genders.
  • Most of the universities are offering hostel facilities for the students of the far-off areas. 

How is Education like in Hyderabad

  • The literacy rate in Hyderabad is 65.76%
  • Public universities are funded by the provincial government and some public universities are having funds from non-profit organizations. 
  • There are some technical institutes to provide diplomas and technical education, like Hyderabad College of Technology and Sparaco Technical Institute.
  • The system of primary, middle, and elementary education in Hyderabad is good enough with a high enrolment indicator in children, 3-5 years of age.
  • Most schools are offering different classes for both genders. But universities are having co-education.

Quick Facts about Hyderabad

  • Hyderabad has the name-twin city in India; therefore, it is recommended to get information with the region indicators.
  • Hyderabad’s industrial sector is contributing 25% to the GDP of Pakistan.
  • It is famous for making bangles and jewelry throughout Pakistan.
  • Having River Indus in the neighborhood, it has fertile land and produces rice, millet, cotton, wheat with other crops.
  • Bombay Bakery is a century-old bakery with international fame. People wait for hours to purchase its cakes.
  • Palla fish is the most famous dish in Hyderabad that is mostly caught from the Indus River.

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Quick Facts

Population: 1.733 million

Literacy Rate: 65.76%


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