Gwadar is a coastal city in Pakistan. It is a port city whose potential for economic growth is not hidden from anyone. The city was purchased from Oman in 1958. The Gwadar port is an important port as it is a deep warm water port and thereby can accommodate big ships throughout the year. Furthermore, the city is very close to the Strait of Hormuz from where 67% of the global oil and gas trade transit happens. Seeing the strategic and economic vitality of the port of Gwadar, it can be said that it was an apt decision. 

The educational performance of Gwadar is not very commendable. According to an Alif Ailan report ’25 million broken promises,’ the district of Gwadar has 32 percent of the school-going children out of school. According to the same report, the situation of girls education is even bleaker as it shows that 49. 9 % of girls of school-going age are out of school as compared to 19 % of boys that are out of school. The situation of higher education is no different. There is only one-degree college in Gwadar. Historically, the port city of Gwadar has been largely inhabited by small-scale fishermen who do not have modern fishing technology. However, the economic situation of the people of Gwadar is destined to improve. The reason is the Multibillion-dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Gwadar port city is the single most important project of the CPEC project. The success of the entire CPEC project depends on the Development and port city of Gwadar. This will definitely improve the educational standards in the port city as well. 

Facts about Universities in Gwadar

  • The University of Turbat also has a university campus in Gwadar. 
  • The sub-campus of Turbat university in Gwadar was established in 2017 with four programs offered. These were Information Technology, education, business administration, and commerce. 
  •  Hundreds of students have joined the sub-campus and are getting a university education in Gwadar. 
  • In May 2017, then PM Nawaz Sharif announced a big package for Gwadar that also included the construction of Gwadar’s own university. 
  • In 2018, a bill was presented in the assembly for a university in Gwadar but it was turned down by the opposition in October 2018
  • The dream of Gwadar’s own university has not yet been materialized. 
  • The planning ministry at the federal level has posted on their official website that they are in process of finding a good Chinese university that collaborates with the University of Turbat, Gwadar campus in order to educate the youth of Gwadar in Marine and maritime subjects. 
  • Living costs for a student in Gwadar are relatively lower. An estimated monthly stipend of PKR 15, 000 – 20, 000 would cover accommodation, food, transportation, communication, and other living expenses. 
  • The cost of education such as tuition fees is lower in comparison to the other colleges and universities of Pakistan.

What is education like in Gwadar?

  • According to Alif Ailan’s report ‘ 25 million broken dreams’ 95. 8 % of the schools in Gwadar are public owned. 
  • The literacy rate of the city of Gwadar is 25%, which is much lower as compared to other cities. 
  • There is just a one-degree college in Gwadar.
  • The provincial government of Balochistan is responsible for all educational institutions in Gwadar. 
  • The Governor of the province of Balochistan acts as a chancellor by the virtue of their designation. They accord approval to the appointment of the vice-chancellor. 
  • There is little focus on the education of girls in the province. 

Quick Facts about Gwadar

  • According to the 2017 census, the population of the city of Gwadar is 90,762. 
  • Fishing is an integral part of the economy of the city. 
  • The climate of the port city of Gwadar is similar to that of the Middle East. Mostly, it rains in the port city from December to January. In July, the highest temperature that has been recorded so far has been 30. 3 degrees Celsius. 
  •  Being a port city, there is almost always a sea breeze blowing through the city. This sea breeze also lessens the heat of the summers. 
  • Gwadar was part of Oman from 1783 to 1958. 
  • It is just 120 km away from the port city of Turbat. 
  • The city is key to the success of CPEC. Several projects such as hospital, the airport is in the pipeline. 
  • There are high hopes that the infrastructure in Gwadar will improve very fast in the coming years.
  • The city has the potential to become an international city like Gwadar. 

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Quick Facts

Population: 90,762

Literacy Rate: 50%


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