Gujranwala is located in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. It was founded in the 18th century. It is the 3rd largest industrial area after Karachi and Islamabad. Gujranwala contributes 5% of Pakistan’s GDP. It is a city with an area of 90 sq mi. The city has a population of 2,027,001 and is the 5th largest city of Pakistan according to population and this estimate is according to the 2017 census of Pakistan.

Gujranwala’s literacy rate was 79%. Gujranwala has the Army Aviation School which was moved from Dhamial to Gujranwala in 1987. For better and higher education many universities are established in Gujranwala, the universities include the University of Sargodha, University of Central Punjab, GIFT University, and University of Punjab.

Facts about Universities in Gujranwala

  • Gujranwala is enriched with the best universities of Pakistan.
  • University of Punjab, Gujranwala campus is the third-oldest among the five campuses.
  • The University of Punjab offers various programs for graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees.
  • Universities here offer programs in different departments such as commerce, Business Administration, Information Technology, and Law.
  • GIFT University is a private sector university in Gujranwala offering different programs including computer science, mass communication, Textile, and fashion designing.

What is education like in Gujranwala?

  • Like other cities of Pakistan, education in Gujranwala also comprises Primary, secondary, and graduate-level education.
  • Scholarships are also offered for the best academic results.

Quick Facts about Gujranwala

  • Gujranwala is the birthplace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who is the founder of the Sikh Empire.
  • The meaning of Gujranwala in Punjabi is “Abode of the Gujjars”.
  • Gujranwala has many historic gates such as Lahori Gate, Khiyali Gate, and Brandreth Gate.
  • Gujranwala is also the manufacturer of Textile goods.
  • It is also known as “City of Wrestlers”.
  • Gujranwala is famous for its food as it is a city of Punjab province.

Quick Facts

Population: 2,027,001

Literacy Rate: 79%


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