Chitral, surrounded by sky-high mountains, is a city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is situated at the height of almost 1400 meters above sea level beside the Kunar River. The land of Chitral has seen the rise and fall of Mongol, Kators, Indians, and British rule.

Chitral’s highest literacy rate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa depicts the high-quality education in Chitral. The University of Chitral is one of the prestigious institutes of the province facilitating students by offering a diverse range of BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs.

Facts about Universities in Chitral

  • The University of Chitral is empowering the students through advanced skills and knowledge to make them compatible with the modern challenges of society. 
  • This aim has preferred degree programs in a wide range of BS, MS, and PhD programs.
  • Tourism and Hotel management is one of the University’s fascinating programs, enabling the students to earn their livelihood and promote tourism in the city.
  • In addition to this, the University has outclassed research departments in Kalasha studies, information security, wildlife and ecosystem, hills, and Climate change.

Education in Chitral

  • According to a recent survey, Chitral enjoys the highest literacy rate (64.67%) in the province.
  •  Army public schools, government schools, Agha khan school services, AKESP community, USWA foundation, central Asia institutes, Hasegawa, and Al-Mustafa public school systems are some notable institutes that offer educational services in Chitral.
  • The government has improved infrastructures, launched free books providing programs, worked on teachers’ training, and ensured their punctuality.
  •  However, there are still issues of accountability, evaluation, and professional developments. 
  • More than three thousand primary and higher secondary School teachers serve in the public sector in Chitral.

The Scenic Beauty of Chitral

  • The whole Chitral is known to be stunning. Its rivers, mountains, fields, springs, scenery, people, and climate contribute to making it a little Eden on earth. It is the best place for tourists to spend vacations close to nature.
  • Its lush green pastures, lofty mountains, melting glaciers, thick forests, rivers teeming with various fish and friendly inhabitants make this land the most fascinating, charming, and adventurous place on the earth.
  • Many lakes are found in Chitral; most of them are located at great heights and are the best trekking destinations.
  • Hundreds of smaller glacial lakes are also there. Still, some major ones include Karambar lake, Shandur lake, Bashqargolo lake, Shordonik lake, Bawansoor lake, Ochensoor lake, one located on terich Aan ridge the base of Istor o Nal east.
  • In summers, the weather of this valley is pleasant with the cool breeze all around, but in winters, the valley is covered with snow, and the weather becomes extremely harsh and cold.

Specialties of Chitral

The economic status of Chitral: Primary sources of livelihood in Chitral are pastoralism and agriculture. Agricultural villages are primarily located near water bodies. Harvesting of crops is usually done in early May; sowing and harvesting another crop are done before the winter cold. Tourism, trekking, and climbing mountains are also a source of income in remote valleys. However, tourism is limited because of poor network and transportation systems, less accommodation, and other facilities.

The population of Chitral: Chitral is inhabited by 400,000 inhabitants settled in 40,000 houses that spread over several hundred kilometres over various valleys from Arandu to Boroghol. Out of this population, 80% of people live in remote and risky areas, while the rest settled in urban areas of Chitral and Drosh town.

Languages: Inhabitants of Chitral speak more than 14 languages, and they belong to over a dozen different forms of cultures.

Places to visit:  Places to visit in Chitral include the local Bazar, museum, masjid, Goll national park and polo ground. In addition, Bumburet valley, Rumbur valley, Birir valley, Ayun valley, Garam Chashma, Bonni, Shandur pass and Trich Mir are also some mind-blowing places to visit in Chitral.

Festivals Kalash is best known for its dress code and celebrating festivals. Some famous festivals include Spring festival, Summer festival, Winter Festival, and Shandur polo festival.

In short, we can say that Chitral is an earthly paradise. It is the best land with a pure lifestyle, incredibly unique culture, calm environment, and loving and kind inhabitants.

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Quick Facts

Population: 447,362

Literacy Rate: 64.67%


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