Abbottabad is one of the stunning cities of Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which lies in the hills of district Hazara. During British rule, Major James Abbott laid its foundation in the 19th century. Moreover, it is a land inhabited by more than two million people. 

A multitude of the public sector, private education services, local community service, Army Schools, and madaris are working for education mandates. Therefore, thousands of students across the country come over here for their studies. For higher education, Abbottabad has first-class universities and institutes. For instance, COMSATS University for Science and Technology, Ayub Medical College, Women Medical and Dental College, etc. Hence, one can find the best institutes for study in Applied Sciences, medicines, business, humanities, etc., in Abbottabad.

Facts about Universities in Abbottabad

  • Institutes and universities in Abbottabad offer inviting degrees in Pharmacy, Health, Medicines, Dentistry, Biomedicine, Chemistry, Psychology, Administration, Nursing, Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, Finance and Banking, Technology, etc. 
  • In Abbottabad, universities offer more than seventy diverse study programs of Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D.
  • In Pharmacy, Abbottabad stands first in the ranking. Five universities have been offering to outclass degrees in Pharmacy, notably Frontier Medical College, COMSATS University for Science and Technology, Ayub Medical College, etc.
  • Hostel Facility: Most of the universities have been providing boarding facilities to their students. Hostels are furnished with all necessities and services such as mess, laundry, internet, etc. Besides, private hostels are also providing their good services. Numerous separate hostels for males and females are present over there in Abbottabad. On the whole, students, who come to Abbottabad for study, do not face any residence difficulty. 

Educational Status of Abbottabad

  • The literacy rate of Abbottabad is quite satisfactory (76.20%) as compared to that of other cities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  •  Furthermore, Abbottabad was ranked among the top forty out of hundreds of districts in Pakistan in terms of educational quality.
  • Similarly, it secured an excellent position in hundreds of educational institutes in terms of facilities and infrastructure. 
  • Consequently, students from across Pakistan rush over here each year to enroll in high-standard educational schools and colleges. For instance, Army Burn Hall College, Army Public College Kakul, Gateway Postgraduate College, etc.
  • In addition, the renowned Pakistani military academy, the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), is present near Kakul in Abbottabad, which trains officers of the Pakistan Army.

Tourism in Abbottabad

  • Abbottabad has been a site of attraction for tourists since the colonial era. The heartwarming scenic beauty of Abbottabad attracts people from all over the world. It is home to alluring sites, notably Harnoi Lake, Abbottabad chairlift, Samundar Katha, Thandiani Top, Lady Garden Public Park, etc. 
  • Also, Abbottabad is a linking point to all major tourist regions of the Northern areas of Pakistan, such as Nathiagali, Ayubia, Naran, etc.


An extensive bus service serves Abbottabad. For instance, Daewoo, Express, Niazi Express, and Skyways are leading bus services in Abbottabad. Hence, students in Abbottabad can easily move to any city in the country. Also, the nearest railway station is in Havelian, approximately thirty minutes drive south of Abbottabad city center. It is the last and most northern station on the Railways network of Pakistan.

Some Facts to Know about Abbottabad

  • Abbottabad is often called the “City of Pines.” Moreover, the weather of this stunning city remains pleasant throughout the year.
  • The first school in Abbottabad was established in 1930.
  • Sports: There is a professional cricket team of Abbottabad which plays on national levels. Hockey and Cricket are the two sports that are greatly facilitated in the city. Two outclass stadiums are there in Abbottabad for hockey and Cricket, which promote sports in the city. 

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Quick Facts

Population: 1,332,912

Literacy Rate: 76.20%


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