10 Tips to Obtain a Fully Funded Foreign Scholarship

How to get fully funded foreign scholarship

Knowledge was, is, and always will be man’s greatest treasure. Being from a ‘developing nation’, most of the students across Pakistan aren’t in the state of affording their education after bachelor’s or even up to bachelors in some specific cases and areas. So, in a country like Pakistan, availing of a ‘fully funded foreign scholarship’ … Read more

Students in Pakistan Demanding to Close Institutions amid COVID19 Pandemic

CLosed Schoold due to COVID19

There is been a second wave of COVID19 in Pakistan. In the last 24 hours, there has been around 3000 new cases and 60 deaths. Total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Pakistan has reached to 374,173. In past week, District Government of Pakistan sealed multiple schools, colleges and various departments of Universities including NUST, … Read more

How Can Foreigners Get Admission In Medical Colleges Of Pakistan?

KEMU Admissions for Foreign Students

Talking about Pakistan, this land is not only famous for its breathtaking landscapes and exquisite traditions, but Pakistan also has some of the finest medical colleges the world has to offer. Due to this very fact, students around the world are desperate to get here, but what’s stopping them? The very fact that stops the … Read more

Higher Education in China: An Alternative for Pakistani Students

Chinese Universities for Higher Education

It was a long while ago when the Cultural Revolution ended in China after the death of great Chinese leader Chairman Mao, and the great industrial revolution began. Deng Xiaoping was the man behind this great industrial revolution. The modern China is the testament of his policies and views. His policy of openness and free … Read more

CSC Aspirants: The Selection of Professors

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Professor Selection

How to select Professor for Admissions via China Scholarship Council (CSC)? A General Debate These days’ admissions in Chinese universities are open and this is the best time to consult Chinese Professors for acceptance letters for fall 2021 admissions. In the last few days, I have noticed the lists of professors (for different degrees) are … Read more